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Remember this bum?

To all my lovely followers and all those who wander over to my little space here in the big world wide web, here is a little present for supporting my blog with all your reads: the crochet pattern for Gilbert the giraffe! 

It’s a super simple pattern and the results are super cute. And to top that, its super free! I only have one requirement from you, all I ask is that you repay me with photos of your results.

So get crocheting so we can have a whole tower of giraffes! (‘Tower’ is apparently the group term for giraffes! Like a ‘herd of elephants’.) See, free pattern AND your new thing learnt for the day. Now that’s what I call a blog post. Come back for more!

Download the PDF for your free giraffe crochet pattern: Gilbert the Giraffe

P.s. If you would like to share this pattern on your lovely blogs please share the link to this post rather than uploading the pattern.


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