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    Ramadan Countdown Calendar

    This blog post is part of a sponsored collection of projects created in partnership with Cricut.* One of the best bits about being a crafter is being able to create bespoke, unique things for yourself (and others!) Growing up as a Muslim it was a very different landscape compared to now- I’m trying to think back to the first time I saw any ‘Eid’ or ‘Ramadan’ products in the shops when I was kid and I can’t really think anything. But I do remember walking around those ‘back to school’ personalised pencil cases/pens/keyring stalls and knowing for sure I’d never find a ‘Rumana’ in there… But these days not only can we buy beautiful products, we can make them ourselves. And it’s really wonderful to have that experience. And now I have a daughter, even more fun being able to share it with her. This year I’m so excited about partnering up with Cricut to bring you a collection of Ramadan and Eid Cricut projects. It’s been so much fun to design them, even if it was a steep learning curve getting my head around Illustrator and SVGs. But I hope you’ll agree it was all worth it! Over the…

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    Re-usable make up wipes- In collaboration with Cricut

    Like most people these days we’ve been more conscious about single use items in our household. One of the projects I’ve seen pop up a lot on my Instagram is reusable make up wipes- it’s a perfect way to stash bust as well as cut down on cotton pad use. But if I’m honest… I’m lazy, and the idea of cutting out little circles put me off…until I got my Cricut Maker! As I’ve mentioned before, this machine comes with a rotary blade which cuts a huge range of fabrics. The main limitation to using the Cricut to cut fabric is the size of the mats- the fabric needs to be mounted on these to feed through the machine to be cut, so you can only cut fabric as big as the mat (or on a fold-with it temporarily spray basted). But for things like this (repetitive small shape cutting), it is perfect! More than perfect. It’s a dream. It cuts all the pieces out perfectly with zero effort. The SnapGrid function (on the App) is particularly good and helps you make the most of those awkward shaped scraps. I whipped these up in no time and I’ve saved the…

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    The Cricut EasyPress 2- A review

    This is the second part to my Cricut reviews. As mentioned before in my Cricut Maker review I was planning to buy a Maker machine for myself but ended up partnering up with Cricut as an influencer- a dream come true! I’m a complete and utter Cricut newbie so it’s been a really exciting and steep learning curve. For one thing, I knew that cutting heat transfer vinyl was a *big* selling point of the Cricut cutting machines- I can’t be the only one obsessed with all the personalised Tees and baby grows right? But if I’m honest, I didn’t really know what the process of making it was. So for those of you who are completely new to this as well, here’s a low down from what I’ve figured out so far (though please remember I’m a beginner! Always check in the instructions yourself): Heat Transfer Vinyl Also known as HTV by all the cool kids*. It’s a type of vinyl which will fuse to the surface when its applied with heat. This makes it different from sticky/adhesive vinyls which are a bit like sticky-backed plastic, and different from removable vinyls (neither need heat, and just stick on). Although it’s…

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    The Cricut Maker- A newbie’s review

    You might remember at the beginning of the year I asked around on my Instagram about the Cricut machines and whether people thought they were worth the hype, because let’s be honest, there’s a *lot* of hype around these machines. On the whole it got great feedback and I put it on my wish list. Here’s something you need to know about me, I’m quite a calculated shopper. On the whole I don’t do impulse buys, and instead brew on something for a few weeks/months deciding whether something is ‘worth’ it (often to my detriment when it comes to fabric because it’s always sold out by the time I ‘give in’!) But Joy (@pinkcoatclub) also pointed me towards their ‘influencer’ programme and I thought, hey why not give that a go? So I put in an application and thought nothing of it. Months went by and I hadn’t heard anything, so I made a plan to just buy one when they went on offer knowing we’d put it to good use during my brother-in-laws wedding. But suddenly out of the blue I got an email from them inviting me to join the Cricut family. I’m not gonna lie, I Whatsapp-ed…

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    Sweet Dreams Baby Mobile

    Picture the scene: streaming sunshine and a bright blue ocean of sky above. The soft sounds of the birds and the pitter patter of the neighbours water fountain as you lay there on the grass watching the wisps of cloud waft across the sky. That’s what I’d like to say I was doing when inspiration struck for Little R’s baby mobile but nope. It was more like this: laid out on the sofa, feeling a little bit judged by Netflix and their little “are you still watching” pop up. Why yes, I am still watching The Crown thank you very much- what is it to you? Unfortunately for me I had to take my maternity leave early due to a few obstetric issues and with that extra time had gotten through most of my “must make before the baby arrives” list. The tedium of the days was starting to set in. I was too big to drive, too uncomfortable to move and there was no way I could fit behind my sewing machine (or have the energy to cut something out). Not one to be able to sit there and do nothing I gave myself the task of doing some…

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    A little monkeying around

    Hands up who’s fed up of all the sewing posts? Yup, mine’s up too. Theres nothing quite as nice as sitting on the sofa with a big roll of wool and that crochet needle, whipping up something adorable. This time….it’s another variation of The Little Bunny Blanket Buddy! I know…when am I going to stop doing these? Perhaps when I’ve created enough animals to create my version of Noah’s Ark (which, by the way sounds like an amazing idea!).

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    A little walk down memory lane

    When our first wedding anniversary started looming I started to panic about what to get Tree. I pondered over gifts and searched the internet for inspiration but all I found were variations of the standard ‘gifts for men’; watches/wallets etc etc. Each of these had a hefty price tag and lacked the personal touch (unless you got it personalised in which the price tag would be stratospheric!).  And as a student at the time, my bank account was more on the malnourished side. It got me thinking- even if I managed to scrape enough money to get Tree a fancy watch, how could I top that next year? Or the year after that… Would I just be going for more and more expensive gifts in an effort to show how much I loved him? Doesn’t that completely defy the point of anniversaries? After sweating over what to do we both came to the agreement of not buying anything and instead planned to go for a lovely dinner together.

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    The little (but getting larger) reader’s gallery update

    I’m not sure if anyone has noticed the little tab at the top which shows off the lovely photos that reader’s have sent me of their creations. I wanted to do a quick showcase of the two most recent additions. The first is from the lovely Heather at Pass the cereal. I read her post about making the blanket buddy(and other little treats) for her niece and thought, “whoops!”- Perhaps I should have mentioned that the pattern for the blanket part starts off skew-whiff but straightens out on it’s own! Oh dear, could have save you some time if I’d mentioned that before. Hope no one else had the same problem and had to redo the blanket or worse.. gave up! The second one is from Sarah: Sarah ended up doing something slightly different with the mane on this lion buddy- only bringing it around part of the head. I actually prefer it this way! I’ve always thought mine ended up looking a bit like a flower pot man…. Keep sending me photos of your creations. I love seeing the variations and the colour combinations. And as always, feel free to ask me questions if you get stuck- there’s nothing I hate more…

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    The little rolly polly penguin

    Sigh. I think I should just open every post with: ‘AHHH I’M SO SORRY’ and with a sob because I never seem to have time to pick up my crochet needle/sewing needle, which in turn means I never get around to posting anything! Ok, moaning aside… I do have a pattern to share! In fact I have another in the pipeline…and yes- you guessed it! It’s another blanket buddy variation (I might give you a clue of what animal I tackled later in the post…). But for now, here’s a little fella I think you might like. He’s round. He’s squishy. And he jingles. Could there be anything more perfect for that new baby in your life?