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    An Open Letter: Sew In Colour

    The other day I saw this magazine cover for Women’s Running being shared on social media. It was a moment of collective pride to see a beautiful muslim woman in a hijab being represented on such a huge scale. Not just a feature. The actual cover. Muslim women are hugely under-represented in the media. But people like Rahaf Khatib, Dina Torkia, Mariah Idrissi, Amena  of Pearl Daisy and of course the lovely Nadiya are slowly breaking down the barriers by being featured in big-named campaigns. By including them on their covers/adverts/shows, it gives young muslim women the feeling that they have a place in society, that they are seen, heard and belong- which, in this climate of division, is no small thing. So what does this have to do with sewing? Well soon after I saw this cover,  I happened to be browsing sewing magazines and I noticed something. None of the covers featured a woman of black, asian or minority ethnicity (BAME). Not one. Maybe this was just coincidence? I was probably missing something, right? So I put my science hat on and did some impromptu research. I went through the all of the issues from October 2015 to 2016 from 4 of the…

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    The little book of ideas

    Happy new year! Hope you’ve all got started on those new years resolutions, including picking up a new skill perhaps? Wink wink, nudge nudge. So what have I got lined up for you to herald in this new year? A gym membership, a cookie, a puppy? No! A tasty little teaser for whats to come.   That there is my little book of ideas. I’ve got a few things up my sleeves but would love to hear from you. Anything you’ve made? Or going to make? Any skills to share? (I’m always up for learning something new!) Or anything you’d quite fancy doing but would like some like some help pursuing? Get in touch and share the love. p.s. I’m getting one step closer to being able to take a decent photo of Tree’s scarf and that’s one step closer to sharing the pattern with you! Watch this space. love, little pomegranate