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    A little monkeying around

    Hands up who’s fed up of all the sewing posts? Yup, mine’s up too. Theres nothing quite as nice as sitting on the sofa with a big roll of wool and that crochet needle, whipping up something adorable. This time….it’s another variation of The Little Bunny Blanket Buddy! I know…when am I going to stop doing these? Perhaps when I’ve created enough animals to create my version of Noah’s Ark (which, by the way sounds like an amazing idea!).

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    A little blown away…

    I know I haven’t posted in a long while (not for having lots of things to share!) but today I just had to sit my bum down and type this one out. Despite my good intentions to post frequently, it just doesn’t happen these days- I just couldn’t ignore the little notification on my phone from WordPress. Apparently my stats are booming (I’m a little blown away by the numbers!), and what’s causing all the fuss? My post on our wedding anniversary scrap book! I’m really glad you like that post- it’s genuinely one of the simplest things I’ve made, and the one I hold closest to my heart (and that’s only three years down the line of being married!- can’t imagine how precious it will be in 10, 20 years). Anyway, unfortunately I haven’t got any proper posts ready for you guys: but here’s just a taste of whats waiting around the corner… Please keep your comments coming, and keep visiting: I’m still alive! love, little pomegranate.                    

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    The little (but getting larger) reader’s gallery update

    I’m not sure if anyone has noticed the little tab at the top which shows off the lovely photos that reader’s have sent me of their creations. I wanted to do a quick showcase of the two most recent additions. The first is from the lovely Heather at Pass the cereal. I read her post about making the blanket buddy(and other little treats) for her niece and thought, “whoops!”- Perhaps I should have mentioned that the pattern for the blanket part starts off skew-whiff but straightens out on it’s own! Oh dear, could have save you some time if I’d mentioned that before. Hope no one else had the same problem and had to redo the blanket or worse.. gave up! The second one is from Sarah: Sarah ended up doing something slightly different with the mane on this lion buddy- only bringing it around part of the head. I actually prefer it this way! I’ve always thought mine ended up looking a bit like a flower pot man…. Keep sending me photos of your creations. I love seeing the variations and the colour combinations. And as always, feel free to ask me questions if you get stuck- there’s nothing I hate more…

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    The little bow-tiful booties and lovely honey bear

    I’ve had a few messages and emails asking for the pattern variation for the bear blanket buddy, so here I am! I apologise that this took a while to upload. We’ve just moved into a flat at the beginning of the month, and for anyone who’s moved home- you’ll know how much of your time that takes! Then we didn’t actually get an internet connection until last week. And to pile on top of that, I had to work in the weekend. So it’s been slow progress in this Little Pomegranate’s world (with the main bane of my life being dining chairs! But I’ll rant about that some other time), but I finally got around to finishing off the pattern for the bear and the matching booties.

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    The little bear blanket buddy

    Another baby arrived into the world recently. Well, babies arrive into the world all the time, probably every minute of every day. But this particular baby arrived as a bundle of joy for my cousin. Unfortunately, they live up North (being a true Londoner- ‘north’ is anything outside the m25) and with Ramadan going on, and work starting soon, I won’t be able to say my hellos for a little while- so thought I’d pop something in the post. 

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    The little lion king

    I’ve got some good news and some bad news? Which would you prefer first? Let’s go with the good: I’ve got a new pattern for you! Whoop! And now for the bad… Tree and I are gearing up to go off travelling for a bit so unfortunately there may be a bit of a dip in my posts. By ‘a bit’ I mean 2 months or so… Eek. I know. I’m so sad that I won’t be updating the little pomegranate as regularly(ish-who are we kidding?) as I do now. But I may upload random photos here and there of our travels in Tanzania & Zanzibar just so you guys get a little notification to remind you I still exist! Bad news aside, let’s get back to today’s pattern.  A little while back I posted my pattern for a bunny blanket buddy (http://thelittlepomegranate.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/the-little-bunny-blanket-buddy [or click on the pingback at the bottom of the post] EDIT: click for inspiration for a bear blanket buddy). With news of another baby being due in the family I decided to make another blanket buddy but this time thought I’d go for a different animal. Seeing as they’re from South Africa- what could be more appropriate…

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    A little vintage touch

    Now, I’ve been sitting on this pattern for weeks. Weeks. It’s not that I’ve been keeping it to myself, it’s just that I’ve had the biggest mental block ever. It’s not for lack of stories to tell or pattern to post. I just haven’t been able to make a post. I’d sit here, write a few sentences, fail miserably and go off and watch some New Girl (who, by the way, loves crocheting). I was almost tempted to just post the pattern and leave it at that. But that felt too empty. Does anyone else get that type of block? Anyway, I think I’ve pulled myself together enough to do this post- though, regretfully I don’t think it’ll be my best. So today’s pattern is a crochet lace headband. It’s inspired by my sister-in-law (big one) who recently started to wear hijab (if you’re wondering why I would be making a hair accessory for someone who er… covers up their hair- oh you have so much to learn about us 🙂 Let’s just say, we love to accessorise).

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    The little bunny blanket buddy

    Hello? Is anybody there? Yes? Oh good. I thought maybe you might have been put off by all the spider webs and tumble weed passing through this blog space that you might have all wandered off. What can I say? It’s that time of year again. Uni has started back up and it being our final year and with us potentially being let loose on the public in just over 10 months time, they’ve really hit us hard with studying and exam preparation and general “how not to kill your patients” kind of stuff. And phew, is it exhausting. So once again, productivity has gone way down and I make do with typing up my back log of patterns to fill the gaping crafting gap left in my world. So what have I got for you today? Well,

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    A little present

    Remember this bum? To all my lovely followers and all those who wander over to my little space here in the big world wide web, here is a little present for supporting my blog with all your reads: the crochet pattern for Gilbert the giraffe!