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    The little Mario fan

    I’m back! And I’m happy to say I’ve got a few things to share with you. I’m gonna start with one of my fave makes; Mario power ups. With my lil sister-in-laws birthday coming up it was the perfect excuse to make these super cute Mario characters. I should tell you now, we’re big Mario fans (some more than others… quote Tree “Are Mario and Luigi brothers?”- April 2012), so don’t be surprised if these become a regular fixture to my blog! With the whole Mario world to choose from, I decided to make a mushroom, bomb and invincibility star (choices mainly based on what yarn I had around!) They’re pretty teeny tiny, about 5-7cm because I wanted them to be able to fit into a small set of shelves my SiL has.

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    A little bit inspired

    With exams looming, I’m afraid my productivity has massively decreased. Hopefully that will change with the week or so of holiday we get straight after, but until then I just thought I’d post something random. You can ask my friends- I’m always on a mission to get them crafting, whether it’s knitting, crocheting, or anything else really. It got me wondering, what holds people back from doing something, anything?