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    A little bit of frill and a little bit of failure

    My mum arrived back in the country a few days ago, she didn’t take my story about the escalator very well. She pretty much ignored me waving my new fangled skirt in her face whilst giving me a stern telling off for ‘not being careful enough’. How many times can I say-it was the wind!!! Sigh. Mums. I say that, but this scene was pretty much repeated with my dad too. Don’t worry, lesson learnt- I shall be more careful on escalators from now on… In the theme of maxi skirts (sorry that the last post was also maxi skirt related…but that one was a little unplanned…)- I was going to post you a tutorial on how to make your own easy peasy summery maxi skirt. I say ‘was’ because it didn’t exactly go to plan. In fact it went rather badly… Don’t get me wrong- the method is sound and it will be ‘easy peasy’ when I finally get around to doing it again (without my silly mistakes)… But for now, things didn’t go so perfectly.