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    A little hearty wrapper

    Me: What do you think of this photo? Is it a keeper? Tree: It shows your face [I’m trying to keep some vague sort of web anonymity] Me: I’m pretty sure if people recognised me it would be because of the full length heart printed dress instead of the slither of forehead… Another post to add to my “Little chronicles of a small time sewer” collection. To be honest, I probably give my sewing machine a lot more love and attention than my crochet needles at the moment which is why the next few posts are all sewing based! I decided that with each new project I would try to learn at least one new technique. First up was this heart print cotton from Cape Town. Having watched this year’s Great British Sewing Bee, I learnt that ‘pattern matching’ was 1. an actual thing. 2. apparently quite important. 3. big prints are easier than small prints…or maybe it was the other way around?

  • Sewing journey (archive)

    A little long for an apron…

    I’ve found myself waking up pretty early today, despite not having to be in for work until 11 (oh yes, it’s weekend shift no.2 in the space of three weeks!) So I thought I’d do a quick post of a skirt I made during christmas. Luckily for me, I had Christmas off. Unfortunately, Tree was working nights. And being car-less I was flat bound, with just the Christmas movies to keep me company in the evenings. The perfect environment to get my sewing machine out, wouldn’t you say?

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    A little jewellery stand

    Something a little different today! A long while back I got asked how to store pretty hijab pins in a decorative but practical way. I’m a big fan of displaying jewellery as a decorative pieces (my mannequin is currently displaying half of my necklace collection!), so was excited about taking up this challenge. I’ve also been itching to use the Khangas (printed cotton fabric) I’d bought on our travels to Zanzibar, with their bright colourful prints.  As with most of my tutorials (I hope!), there’s nothing too specialised in the ‘materials’ list. I’m sure you know by now, but I’m a big advocate of using whatever you have lying around. A lot of what’s on the list can be exchanged for whatever you have to hand.

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    The little chronicles of a small time sewer: The graduation dress, Part 1

    6 years of uni. 7 days until graduation. 1 dress. 0 experience. Could it be done? Day 1 I decided to use another print at home pattern from the brilliant people at Burdastyle (this time following the pattern to the T). Guess how many pages it required? 71. 71 pages!! Perhaps somewhat ironically, I decided to print it on the back of old lecture notes to save some trees. As I was sticking reams of paper together I realised that the pattern was made for ‘tall’ people. Being a ‘petite’ meant I had to cut out a (sizeable) chunk of the length from the middle of the dress (just taking it off the bottom would ruin the ‘cocoon’ shape) and hope for the best!

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    The little chronicles of a small time sewer: upcycling

    In the middle of revision week I got it into my head that I needed a tailors mannequin. Ok, maybe ‘needed’ isn’t the right word. Perhaps, ‘wanted’ was more appropriate…[I tried the ‘need’ argument with Tree and he gave me one of those who are you trying to kid looks…] But as you do during revision time, you let yourself get preoccupied with anything else but the books sitting open on the desk gathering dust. So I went on the hunt for a mannequin which would be both practical and pretty and entered a fierce Ebay bidding war (which I won. Mwah ha ha!). And lo and behold it arrived (mid exam week!) providing a much needed pick-me-up!

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    The little chronicles of a small time sewer

    Hello all! Thanks to the friendly folk over at WordPress, all you faithful followers should have been transferred across from my old site to this new sparkly, rainbow skied and fairy dusted website of mine. From what I can tell, you’ve all been accounted for- including the new followers who joined mid-renovation (hello there!). All of you…apart from Tree?! [For new readers: my husband]… Suspicious that…Perhaps he’s weary of what I might write about him? Anyways, on to today’s post/rant/rave. When it comes to what clothes I wear, I have a few more requirements than the average high street shopper. I cover my legs and arms and keep the neckline high (or at least coverable by my headscarf). Over the years, even before I started wearing a headscarf, I learnt the tricks of the trade for suitably modest clothes, like making simple tweaks; pulling up the neckline here and there; buying a bigger size and taking it in, and layering. And trust me when I say, layering is every hijabi’s best friend, especially in the summer when the amount of material put into clothes seems to dwindle as the temperature supposedly (this is England after all) increases. With cardigans, maxi skirts and long sleeve…

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    A little vintage touch

    Now, I’ve been sitting on this pattern for weeks. Weeks. It’s not that I’ve been keeping it to myself, it’s just that I’ve had the biggest mental block ever. It’s not for lack of stories to tell or pattern to post. I just haven’t been able to make a post. I’d sit here, write a few sentences, fail miserably and go off and watch some New Girl (who, by the way, loves crocheting). I was almost tempted to just post the pattern and leave it at that. But that felt too empty. Does anyone else get that type of block? Anyway, I think I’ve pulled myself together enough to do this post- though, regretfully I don’t think it’ll be my best. So today’s pattern is a crochet lace headband. It’s inspired by my sister-in-law (big one) who recently started to wear hijab (if you’re wondering why I would be making a hair accessory for someone who er… covers up their hair- oh you have so much to learn about us 🙂 Let’s just say, we love to accessorise).

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    A little pin puff

    Crafters use an awful lot of pins. Hijabis (someone who wears hijab/ headscarf) use a whole ton more. As one of both, can you imagine the amount of pins I have lying around? And when you use pins every day, having to store them in those pesky pin wheels is a real pain…especially when you’ve got one hand over your head awkwardly holding your pashmina in the perfect position, having to wrangle out a pin one-handed is not the easiest thing. So the perfect solution? A cute pin cushion that would look pretty alongside my perfumes and jewellery on my dressing table as well as being practical.