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    The little velvet dress

    Velvet is everywhere- trousers, tops dresses. The high street is absolutely full of shiny slinky and soft velvet. But as ‘on trend’ as it is, I couldn’t really see myself wearing it…until I was randomly scrolling through Instagram (as you do) and I came across a velvet swing dress. Now, you know I’m not one to jump on trends but I.Could.Not.Get.This.Dress.Out.Of.My.Head. Velvet just screams wintery goodness to me- warm, cosy, soft. Even though the last time I wore velvet was in reception aged 5 (I was the Christmas tree in the school play and my mum had made me a green velvet A-line dress) the draw was too strong (I blame my winter baby genes). I found this sumptuous stretch velvet in claret on Tia Knight Fabrics and when it arrived I just wanted to roll myself up in it and knew it was worth the leap of faith! Of course Taufiq gave me that “umm…what are you doing” look when he saw the velvet, but that might just be a guy thing. I’m used to getting funny looks from family when I’m making something (*cough* the African print cape dress *cough*). I’m also quite good at ignoring them… So off…

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    A little hearty wrapper

    Me: What do you think of this photo? Is it a keeper? Tree: It shows your face [I’m trying to keep some vague sort of web anonymity] Me: I’m pretty sure if people recognised me it would be because of the full length heart printed dress instead of the slither of forehead… Another post to add to my “Little chronicles of a small time sewer” collection. To be honest, I probably give my sewing machine a lot more love and attention than my crochet needles at the moment which is why the next few posts are all sewing based! I decided that with each new project I would try to learn at least one new technique. First up was this heart print cotton from Cape Town. Having watched this year’s Great British Sewing Bee, I learnt that ‘pattern matching’ was 1. an actual thing. 2. apparently quite important. 3. big prints are easier than small prints…or maybe it was the other way around?

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    A little pin puff

    Crafters use an awful lot of pins. Hijabis (someone who wears hijab/ headscarf) use a whole ton more. As one of both, can you imagine the amount of pins I have lying around? And when you use pins every day, having to store them in those pesky pin wheels is a real pain…especially when you’ve got one hand over your head awkwardly holding your pashmina in the perfect position, having to wrangle out a pin one-handed is not the easiest thing. So the perfect solution? A cute pin cushion that would look pretty alongside my perfumes and jewellery on my dressing table as well as being practical.