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    A little hearty wrapper

    Me: What do you think of this photo? Is it a keeper? Tree: It shows your face [I’m trying to keep some vague sort of web anonymity] Me: I’m pretty sure if people recognised me it would be because of the full length heart printed dress instead of the slither of forehead… Another post to add to my “Little chronicles of a small time sewer” collection. To be honest, I probably give my sewing machine a lot more love and attention than my crochet needles at the moment which is why the next few posts are all sewing based! I decided that with each new project I would try to learn at least one new technique. First up was this heart print cotton from Cape Town. Having watched this year’s Great British Sewing Bee, I learnt that ‘pattern matching’ was 1. an actual thing. 2. apparently quite important. 3. big prints are easier than small prints…or maybe it was the other way around?

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    A little long for an apron…

    I’ve found myself waking up pretty early today, despite not having to be in for work until 11 (oh yes, it’s weekend shift no.2 in the space of three weeks!) So I thought I’d do a quick post of a skirt I made during christmas. Luckily for me, I had Christmas off. Unfortunately, Tree was working nights. And being car-less I was flat bound, with just the Christmas movies to keep me company in the evenings. The perfect environment to get my sewing machine out, wouldn’t you say?

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    Fabric haul!

    Whilst on holiday visiting family in the beautiful city of Cape Town, I ended up visiting the fabric shops. Perhaps a strange thing to do when on holiday, but when I found out where the fabric district was- I couldn’t resist! (And luckily I had a lot of luggage allowance left!)

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    The little protege

    My niece (in the Asian sense of the word where everyone is your relative-> spreading the love) needed to dress up as a Disney princess for the last week of school and started asking around for a purple coloured maxi skirt to dress up as Princess Jasmine. Unfortunately, I don’t own a purple skirt so I failed on ‘super Aunt’ points. But half an hour later she sent me another message asking for a yellow skirt because she now wanted to dress up as Snow White. As luck would have it, I had the perfect outfit for Snow White- as pointed out by my lovely readers on my tutorial for a crop t-shirt. Super Aunt to the rescue!

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    The little chronicles of a small time sewer: upcycling

    In the middle of revision week I got it into my head that I needed a tailors mannequin. Ok, maybe ‘needed’ isn’t the right word. Perhaps, ‘wanted’ was more appropriate…[I tried the ‘need’ argument with Tree and he gave me one of those who are you trying to kid looks…] But as you do during revision time, you let yourself get preoccupied with anything else but the books sitting open on the desk gathering dust. So I went on the hunt for a mannequin which would be both practical and pretty and entered a fierce Ebay bidding war (which I won. Mwah ha ha!). And lo and behold it arrived (mid exam week!) providing a much needed pick-me-up!

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    A little bit of frill and a little bit of failure

    My mum arrived back in the country a few days ago, she didn’t take my story about the escalator very well. She pretty much ignored me waving my new fangled skirt in her face whilst giving me a stern telling off for ‘not being careful enough’. How many times can I say-it was the wind!!! Sigh. Mums. I say that, but this scene was pretty much repeated with my dad too. Don’t worry, lesson learnt- I shall be more careful on escalators from now on… In the theme of maxi skirts (sorry that the last post was also maxi skirt related…but that one was a little unplanned…)- I was going to post you a tutorial on how to make your own easy peasy summery maxi skirt. I say ‘was’ because it didn’t exactly go to plan. In fact it went rather badly… Don’t get me wrong- the method is sound and it will be ‘easy peasy’ when I finally get around to doing it again (without my silly mistakes)… But for now, things didn’t go so perfectly.

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    The little pomegranate Vs The escalator

    First off, hello!! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Thanks for the comments, likes and reads- sorry I’ve been away. I’ve been itching to work on new things to add to the blog but alas those horrid things called exams got in the way. Good news is- I don’t have another set of exams til next year! Bad news is- they happen to be one of the biggest ones of my life. But then again, it’ll herald the end of six years (yes, SIX) of university. That’s only got to be a good thing, right? Anyways, to today’s post. There’s a story behind this one…