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    The little revelation

    Hmmm…I feel like there’s a theme to my last few posts and I’m afraid the theme is going to continue! Don’t worry, wedding season is soon to be over in this little pomegranate’s world so hopefully I’ll be breaking out of the box some day soon. P.s. WordPress tells me I’ve had my best day for followers since my last post- so hello to you all!  Each WordPress email I get is greeted with a huge toothy smile, so thank you! Anyway, you may remember that I shared a tutorial on how to make a memo board (which has since been updated as my method has undergone some refining) but kept the purpose of the memo board a secret. Why?

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    A little bit of pastel and pearls

    Shh… I can’t tell you who this was made for… or why (look out for a future post) but after finishing it off- I can’t help but share it with you! So, yes I’ve posted on memo boards before (http://thelittlepomegranate.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/the-little-memo-board/) but this time its a quilted memo board! Oo-er. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about: rather than using wallpaper on a cork notice board, this involves a frame, some fabric, needles, quilting and of course-pearls. (Pearls, optional.) Anyway, on to the how:

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    The little memo board

    Everyone’s got that blank bit of wall which needs sprucing up or somewhere to post important to-do lists, or just to put up that photo of you and your bestie at the Westlife book signing… No? Just me?… Anyways, here’s what I made using a £2.79 cork noticeboard from Ikea, a bit of pine moulding, some wallpaper sample, plenty of ribbon and little know-how.