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    The little lion king

    I’ve got some good news and some bad news? Which would you prefer first? Let’s go with the good: I’ve got a new pattern for you! Whoop! And now for the bad… Tree and I are gearing up to go off travelling for a bit so unfortunately there may be a bit of a dip in my posts. By ‘a…

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    A little present

    Remember this bum? To all my lovely followers and all those who wander over to my little space here in the big world wide web, here is a little present for supporting my blog with all your reads: the crochet pattern for Gilbert the giraffe! 

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    The little Mario fan

    I’m back! And I’m happy to say I’ve got a few things to share with you. I’m gonna start with one of my fave makes; Mario power ups. With my lil sister-in-laws birthday coming up it was the perfect excuse to make these super cute Mario characters. I should tell you now, we’re big Mario fans (some more than others… quote…

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    The little criss-cross scarf

    I’ve finally done it! I’ve finally got a decent photo of Tree’s scarf. I realise this makes you think either two things: that the scarf is hideous and that’s why I struggled to take a good photo or that I’m pretty ungifted when it comes to photography. The latter would be correct! The problem with his scarf is that it’s…