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    A little leafy

    What an exciting week! I don’t know about you guys, but I religiously look at my stats…possibly on the obsessive side. But each view brings me sheer delight. Each ‘like’ and new follow is announced to the family at dinner. And this week I had the pleasure of explaining what ‘Pinterest’ is to everyone because I logged on to find my little blanket buddy had been pinterested! Yay! Thanks for coming to my blog, I love writing it and love hearing from you guys even more. I hope I’m making things look achievable and convincing you to give it a go! Anyway, I can’t expect you guys to come back to my blog if I don’t give you something to read right? So today I’m sharing how to make ribbon embroidery leaves. The first is just a ribbon stitch and the second, what I think is called a lazy daisy stitch. Both can be used for leaves and petals. Lazy daisy leaves are larger, whereas the ribbon stitch ones more dainty.

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    The little spider web

    I recently got a few new readers (yay!), including one of my friend’s mum! She made a special request for ribbon embroidery tutorials- so here I am- uber happy to oblige! Unfortunately I’m a bit squeezed for time, so I only managed to do spider web roses and having left my camera at home, I had to use my phone. So apologies for the blurry photos. Ribbon embroidery is incredibly simple to do and super fast to work up. It’s one of my favourite types of embroidery (out of the two types I know how to do. Chuckle.) The problem with ribbon embroidery is that it can come out really frumpy and old-fashioned (do a quick google search and you’ll see what I mean!). [No offence to whoever did them, they are lovely…but just not my style…] It’s such a beautiful type of embroidery, it just needs to be given a new lease of life. So my tips for non-frumpy ribbon embroidery?

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    A little bit inspired

    With exams looming, I’m afraid my productivity has massively decreased. Hopefully that will change with the week or so of holiday we get straight after, but until then I just thought I’d post something random. You can ask my friends- I’m always on a mission to get them crafting, whether it’s knitting, crocheting, or anything else really. It got me wondering, what holds people back from doing something, anything?

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    A little bit of heart

    I’ve had this little swatch of ribbon embroidery lying around the house for a while now. Made on a little scrap of cotton as a tutorial for a niece of mine, I couldn’t find a reason to keep it, but then again, couldn’t find a reason to throw it away. A dilemma I’m sure you’re all too familiar with! Next thing you know it’s been sitting on your desk for a year looking forlorn and unloved. So to help you out, here’s a little idea for those scraps of material you can’t bear to part with: a scented cushion.