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    Call back the search parties! I’m here! Tentatively dipping my toes back into the big Blogging world, I’m bringing you a little felt version of the  world… You may remember my post from a while back on our wedding anniversary scrap book, Tree and I had decided not to buy each other gifts to celebrate our anniversary. We wanted to keep anniversaries simple and celebrate it’s meaning rather than pimp it up with shiny new things (thats what birthdays are for!). So we’ve stuck to the scrap book formula…until last year where I kind of cheated… I’m sure home made gifts don’t count, right? In fairness, what started out as a solo present idea ended up becoming a group project with us both adding something to the final product. It took so long to get the final bits done (*cough*Tree’s contribution*cough*) that the date of our anniversary came and went before it was complete. Once it was finished, we had no where to put it up so it ended up balancing on the floor looking forlorn. Thankfully it’s now found a place as part of our picture wall. 

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    A little walk down memory lane

    When our first wedding anniversary started looming I started to panic about what to get Tree. I pondered over gifts and searched the internet for inspiration but all I found were variations of the standard ‘gifts for men’; watches/wallets etc etc. Each of these had a hefty price tag and lacked the personal touch (unless you got it personalised in which the price tag would be stratospheric!).  And as a student at the time, my bank account was more on the malnourished side. It got me thinking- even if I managed to scrape enough money to get Tree a fancy watch, how could I top that next year? Or the year after that… Would I just be going for more and more expensive gifts in an effort to show how much I loved him? Doesn’t that completely defy the point of anniversaries? After sweating over what to do we both came to the agreement of not buying anything and instead planned to go for a lovely dinner together.

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    The little revelation

    Hmmm…I feel like there’s a theme to my last few posts and I’m afraid the theme is going to continue! Don’t worry, wedding season is soon to be over in this little pomegranate’s world so hopefully I’ll be breaking out of the box some day soon. P.s. WordPress tells me I’ve had my best day for followers since my last post- so hello to you all!  Each WordPress email I get is greeted with a huge toothy smile, so thank you! Anyway, you may remember that I shared a tutorial on how to make a memo board (which has since been updated as my method has undergone some refining) but kept the purpose of the memo board a secret. Why?

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    Another little wedding invitation

    Yes, we’re back to the wedding theme. With another wedding in the family, a request was made to us for some handmade invites and of course we couldn’t resist! Now, if you’ve read my post on ‘The little wedding invitation’ (http://thelittlepomegranate.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/the-little-wedding-invitation-2/), you’d know I’m a big advocate for making your own invites! It’s not as time consuming as you’d think, all it takes is a little effort, organisation and know how and trust me, you’ll be in love with the results. Ok, I know you’re looking at the last invites and thinking ‘yeah right that’s not time consuming!’ and to be fair, those ones were a little more complicated-but I promise you, you’ll have these ones churned out in no time! And in this current climate I know what the clincher is, price! Last time we gave you invites which cost ~50p per invite, this time they’re less than 20p each. How’s that for saving the pennies? Anyway, motivational talk over. Once we had narrowed down a style that our Groom liked, we were on our way designing the invite. Tree and I have been working on our computer skills so this time we decided to make it completely original-…

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    The little wedding invitation

    Having come back from a beautiful weekend away in Geneva for a friend’s wedding, I’ve got weddings on my mind. (While I’m here, I’d just like to wish my lovely friend, who I shall name Sunshine, and his wonderful wife a lifetime of happiness together). What a ray of sunshine he is. Anyway, back to the purpose of the post- I thought I’d share our handmade invites with you. As I’ve mentioned before (http://thelittlepomegranate.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/the-little-wedding/), we quite like to make things ourselves and having searched high and low for invites we decided to make it a DIY job. We made quite a few, 300 (which in hindsight was a bit excessive), so it took a few days to complete but both being uni students we had enough free time! We also had a brilliant team of helpers who worked diligently. The results were beautiful; they were exactly what we wanted, a fraction of the price (~50p each), and made for some brilliant memories and our recipients had no clue that they were a DIY job!