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The little bear blanket buddy

Bear blanket buddyAnother baby arrived into the world recently. Well, babies arrive into the world all the time, probably every minute of every day. But this particular baby arrived as a bundle of joy for my cousin. Unfortunately, they live up North (being a true Londoner- ‘north’ is anything outside the m25) and with Ramadan going on, and work starting soon, I won’t be able to say my hellos for a little while- so thought I’d pop something in the post. Bear blanket buddy far shot

Now this little blanket buddy gave me a hard time. Specifically, one body part: the nose. Ahhh. The nose! Redone 3 times, it even changed colour. I knew straight away she didn’t look right- for some reason she just looked mousey. But I persevered thinking “maybe when the ears go on she’ll look like a bear”. But alas, the unstitcher became my friend again and I unpicked her nose (ha! Weird pun.) and tried again. I even tried variations. Circular nose. Wide nose. Small nose. Ribbon nose. But they just looked non-bearish (or weirdly, more koala-ish). Gah.Bear blanket buddy crochet

How do you think it turned out in the end? My brother-in-law thinks it looks more like a lion. I haven’t posted up the pattern variation from the little bunny blanket buddy. Do you fancy it? Or is it self-explanatory? Let me know what you think.DSC_0082


little pomegranate


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