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Lion blanket buddy close upI’ve got some good news and some bad news? Which would you prefer first? Let’s go with the good: I’ve got a new pattern for you! Whoop!

And now for the bad… Tree and I are gearing up to go off travelling for a bit so unfortunately there may be a bit of a dip in my posts. By ‘a bit’ I mean 2 months or so… Eek. I know. I’m so sad that I won’t be updating the little pomegranate as regularly(ish-who are we kidding?) as I do now. But I may upload random photos here and there of our travels in Tanzania & Zanzibar just so you guys get a little notification to remind you I still exist! Bad news aside, let’s get back to today’s pattern. Crochet lion blanket buddy

A little while back I posted my pattern for a bunny blanket buddy ( [or click on the pingback at the bottom of the post] EDIT: click for inspiration for a bear blanket buddy). With news of another baby being due in the family I decided to make another blanket buddy but this time thought I’d go for a different animal. Seeing as they’re from South Africa- what could be more appropriate than a little lion! Cue: Raaarrrrrrr! Meet Mufasa! Lion blanket buddy crochet toy

The pattern is just the same as the bunny version except for the obvious (lack of bunny ears and addition of the mane).

Here it is, your free crochet lion blanket buddy pattern: Lion blanket buddy

Now, for all of you who think “Argghhh, that’s way too hard for a beginner” I have proof that you are wrong! Wrong I tell you! Because, as mentioned before, I taught one of my friends how to crochet and her very FIRST project was the bunny blanket buddy. Actually, having got her creative juices flowing she decided not to make him into a bunny, and instead moved the ears (same pattern) to a different position and made him into the imaginatively named (by her, not me), Rabbit-Dog.Crochet rabbit dog blanket buddy

So there you are. In effect, that’s three patterns stemming from the one- bunny, lion and rabbit-dog. That’s like a super duper buy-1-get-2-free offer.


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