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The little wedding

Having just got married this year, I have a few wedding themed ideas to share with you. You see, not only am I quite keen on DIY projects, so is my husband- he’s also loads fussier than I am so really it worked quite well for us to do things ourselves to our own taste (and both being uni students, we had a massive amount of time on our hands in the summer holiday). It was hard work but we had a fantastic team of helpers who got us through it and who, I’m quite sure, are keen never to see a pink ribbon again. The results (I’m biased of course) were beautiful; they were exactly what we wanted, a fraction of the price, and made for some brilliant memories. Things mean so much more to you when made from your very own hands no?

So I’m going to share the things I wish were around when I started researching ideas for the wedding and hopefully give someone out there a helping hand. If not that, perhaps just a reminder  to our gang of our hours tying little bows…


little pomegranate

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