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spiderweb rose
Spider web rose
ribbon and lazy daisy
Ribbon and lazy daisy stitch





  • Muareen Lee

    Hi there Rumania
    So pleased I found your page.
    Here in New Zealand we are a bit behind on the Sewing Bee 2016. Just seen the one re international sewing. I record it and my sister comes over to watch with me when she can.
    We noticed your weights and great to have your tutorial on making them. I will do so AFTER I finish quilting 3 cushion covers for my sister, an activity book for my grandson, an I SPY quilt for my grandduager and given the Quilt Show is on soon, hopefully a baby girl summer dress or smock.
    So we don’t know how you get on in the contest but all the best for it. You have some wonderful ideas and creations so no matter what I am sure you will continue to do fantastic sewing.

    • the little pomegranate

      Hi Maureen,

      Thank you for the message! I had no idea it was showing in NZ, so it’s so lovely to hear how far you’ve gotten. Funny that you’ve posted, I was thinking I should probably update my blog to have more Sewing Bee info on it, but after your message I’ll hold off so I don’t spoil anything for anyone a bit behind! Sounds like you have a lot on your sewing To Do list! Hope it goes well and look forward to hearing how your pattern weights go.
      Rumana 🙂

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